Furniture and furnishings

Our services
The Gaetano Viterbo Arredamenti company is specialized and qualified in design, implementing, assembling and installing furniture and furnishing accessories in Bari and its surroundings. We stand out among our competitors thanks to a precise and excellent after-sales advice. A highly professional interior designer with its own certified advice, is also available to customers to find the best solution.

Remaking and renovation
Do you want to restore an antique furniture? Does your furniture need structural interventions or renovating? Come to us! We make detailed and impeccable interventions on worn furniture and furnishings, which show the signs of time. We decide with what work to do and the fabrics to use.

The reference brands
Our company exclusively provides prestigious, certified and successful brands. Major brands for furniture and furnishing include: Minotti Italia, Sovet Italia, Nature Design, Functionalism, Castrini, Tonon, Karman, Sitap, Alivar, Karboxx, Nud Collection, Rebirth, Vesta, Locherber, Maioliche d'Autore, Kartell. We only offer excellence!